2 in 1 Infrared Energy King Ma...

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  • You can massage your upper and lower body everywhere. Compact design, you can use it anywhere in your home, after use, watching TV, or after sports, or experiencing muscle pain or sleeping pain. Office or travel time
  • Burn excess fat, keep the body b and slim
  • Improve cell movement, restore blood and remove frozen blood
  • Release the neck pressure, remove and reduce the pain of cervical disease
  • It can help reduce muscle stiffness, headache, PMS symptoms, fatigue, stress and anxiety, relax the nervous system, help insomnia and improve digestion.
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Name: Personal massage stick
Main features: massage
Power supply: AC
Applicable parts: hips, legs, neck, waist, back and so on
Massage head: 1
Function decryption: 1. To promote blood circulation, blood circulation can lead to poor health, the elderly the possibility of poor blood circulation, leading to various diseases.
2. Improve sleep quality.
Improve body function
4. enhance human immunity

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