200FT Magical Flexible Magic H...

2,200.00 1,799.00

  • Twist free, tangle free, kink free
  • Expands up to 200ft of its length and contracts back instantly
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Durable, reliable all hose
  • Includes easy release connectors
  • Make watering easy & hassle free


200FT Magical Flexible Magic Hose 3x Expendable With Nozzles

Compact and lightweight, easy to carry and store. 
3 times expandable Magic garden hose 
Double Super strong latex core 

External Factor for Leak Problem 
1 Check if your spray nozzle fits with the hose properly. The hose connector is a US standard. 
2 The sprayer also should built in has a leak-proof washer, if not it may cause the leak problem. 

1. When using the hose, try not to use at the highest flow rate if your pressure if your water pressure is strong. 
2. Don’t store the hose in the suna or with pressure in the hose.Completely drain prior to storage.Cover as necessary to protect from the sun. 
3.During use try not to step on the pressurized hose and use caution so it does not get snagged or caught on a sharp object. Lay it out straight toward the area that you need to water. 

Other Tips: 
1 The length it expands depends on the water pressure, so please ensure the enough press then it can expand to the full length. 
2 Drain your hose in the summer when you are not using it and keep it shaded as much as possible. 
3 The outer webbing protects the inner expandable hose, so please take care that the outer webbing is not cut, torn or puncture 
4 The valve maybe a little tight the first time, please just use a spanner to try 

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