Brightest LED Torch 800M Recha...

2,800.00 999.00

  • The range of focused beam of light in the darkness in Zoom mode, up to 800 meters
  • A housing: aluminum air
  • Flashlight can be powered by battery BRC 18650 3.7 V with a capacity of 88000mAh(included in the kit)
  • or AAA batteries (small sticks) by the supplied battery basket
  • LED Flashlight up to 1,00,000 hours
  • 5300K-6300 light emitting diode (LED)
  • Built in Recharging Unit
  • Focusable beam – from spot to flood
  • Small & lightweight
  • The range of focused beam of light in the darkness in Zoom mode, up to 800 metersOn Off Switch
  • Car Charger
  • 88000 MAH Rechargeable Battery
  • Alternate 1.5 V AAA Size 3 Battery Power
  • Wall Outlet Charger Also in Package
  • 3 Mode Lightening (Full Light, Half Light, Light Strobe)


Flashlight is made ​​of anodized aircraft aluminum,

it is waterproof and shockproof rubber seal switch and charging socket and seals on the threads cause the torch is virtually resistant to any weather conditions ensuring the long-term trouble-free operation.
Flashlight is designed for tactical use.
This model can be successfully used for uniformed services, military, as well as hunters and adventure enthusiasts.
Lace is also ideal for breaking windows when conditions warrant.
Torch made of strong aluminum alloy which coated hard anodization.As a result, the light is more resistant to all types of mechanical damage eg. Downs. A
ll housing parts are disconnected, an o-ring with the result that the light is moisture resistant.
The torch has a smooth adjustment of focus (the light beam zoom) from wide to very concentrated and 3 modes of operation
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