Cockroach Catcher Non Toxic Re...

3,000.00 999.00

  • Size: 15*15*7.5cm
  • Brand new and high quality.Try the European cockroach trap fifth generation upgrade
  • the bait is non-toxic, non-toxic, safe non-toxic (for infants and pregnant family pets)
  • the door to upgrade the light type, the size of a cockroach can be pushed into the top, but can not come
  • the height of the box, a large space
  • there is a water injection nozzle, can be drowned in the water


  • Compared with traditional disposable traps, our new type cockroach catcher is the most efficient trap. It is a pentagon shape, 3 tiers and 5 entrances design, once the roaches entered, there is no way to escape. Made of high quality PP plastic, It is reusable, no need to throw it away after catching cockroach, pests, bugs, spiders and other insects, no adverse effects on environment.
  • With scientific design of our cockroach trap, it is easy to use and works pretty well, just open the clear cover, put some food or other bait in the center, then cover it and put the box in cockroach infested area. The cockroach will be attracted by the smell and they will be trapped in the box since the baffle can’t be opened from inside.
  • The clear visible cover makes you can feel free to check the status in box but no need to open it. If successfully catch some cockroaches, you can kill them in box with hot water, or expose the box to strong sunshine, make them dry to dead.
  • Small size 12.5 x 12.5 x 7.5 cm, can be placed or hidden in many conspicuous position like kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, baby room, closet, and garden. No chemicals or poisons required, non-toxic, home pets like dogs and cats will not get injured.
  • This is an eco-friendly natural solution to catch cockroaches. Simple to use, no electricity or batteries and poisons required. Set several traps in big area for better trapping performance, we recommend you to use bait with peanut butter, fish oil, gel, oatmeal or insect bait.
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