Flexi Blaster Water Saving Fle...

2,000.00 1,399.00

  • Turns on with the simple flick of a finger
  • Adjust the pressure with an easy twist for watering bushes and yards, all the way to misting delicate flowers
  • Flexi Blaster Hose Nozzle
  • Easy-to-Use Flexible Nozzle
  • Lightweight


This nozzle saves you money because you control the amount of the water you use. Lightweight, flexible hose nozzle turns on with an easy twist. Ideal for watering your yard, bushes and even misting your most delicate flowers.Flexi Blaster Hose Nozzle Easy

Hauling the hose out for some projects? This adjustable nozzle does just the trick for making your job easier. It operates with the touch of a finger and lets you choose a pinpointed stream or a wider spray with a simple twist of the tip. Tackle tough cleaning jobs like household siding or dirty vehicles or even mist your most delicate flowers, all with one nozzle
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