Luma Smile Home Teeth Polisher...

2,000.00 599.00

  • Brighter & Whiter Teeth, Daily
  • Whitens and Polishes Tooth With in a Minute
  • Removes Those Stains Which Tradional Brush Leaves
  • Five Polishing Cups Included
  • Battery Operated
  • Compact
  • Lights up
  • Good for Sensitive Teeth


How It Works
As you slide your tool along each of your teeth, its unique motorized polishing cup will rotate in order to gently lift any yellow surface stains away. Regardless of how long the stains have been there, and even if they’ve come from stubborn substances like coffee, wine, or tobacco, Luma Smile will be able to eliminate them, revealing fresh, bright whiteness underneath.

How to Use (Step by Step)
Attach Polishing Cup
While your device is still turned off, attach one of the five polishing cups you’ll get with each one to its tip. Before you move on to the next step, be sure the cup’s attached securely so it won’t fall off.

Power up Device
If you’ve already inserted two double “A” batteries in your Luma Smile, you can now press the power button found on the polishing tool’s handle in order to get it going.

Polish Teeth
Once you’ve turned your device on, gently glide it across your teeth in order to begin removing stains. While you likely won’t need to do this for more than a minute, it’s fine if you continue for a few minutes, especially if you haven’t had your teeth polished in a while.


Five Polishing Cups Included
With each Luma Smile, you’ll get five polishing cups, and each cup will last through up to 100 uses. Since it’s not necessary that you use your polisher multiple times per day, you likely won’t need to obtain a replacement set of cups until you’ve had the device for a year or more.

 Battery Operated
Each device is battery operated, so you won’t need to worry about finding an electrical outlet whenever you need to use yours, nor will you need to drag around an extension cord along with it. You’ll need to obtain two double “A” batteries for this tool, but these are available in many stores.

Luma Smile is small enough to be carried almost anywhere, including in your car, to school, or to the office. Even if you don’t carry a large backpack or briefcase, it’ll fit in most handbags or in your glove compartment. Therefore, you’ll be able to whip it out before an important appointment or presentation to ensure that your teeth are gleaming as white as they possibly can.

 Lights up
If you’re having difficulty seeing the stains on your teeth clearly as you use this polisher, you’ll simply be able to turn on your device’s light, which will shine directly above your polishing cup.
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