Paiter Rechargable Personal Sh...

1,600.00 999.00

  • Floating Precision Cutting Head
  • Independently rotating pole head design
  • Easy to clean and more hygienic
  • Dissolved perfect body integrally
  • Charging LED display
  • Waterproof structure. IPX 7
  • Universal power adapter


Italy elegant design binding Germany’s rigorous structural engineering checks make the products more durable. Independently floating rotary cutter head structure, easy to achieve fast veneering shave Netherlands ultra-thin electroforming technology mesh with South Korea’s precision acute blade, to achieve a deep shave to enjoy the removable knife network design, more suitable for washing under the faucet 7 waterproof Technology ensures that the razor will work continuously for one and a half meters at a depth of half an hour. High-efficiency and long-life motor will be configured. The universal (100-240V) power adapter will charge the LED and display the Ni-MH battery. When the battery capacity is low, the power adapter can be directly plugged in. When fully charged, the machine lasts for 60 minutes. Charging time: 8 hours. Accessories: head protector, display stand, power adapter, cleaning brush, storage bag 

Function Overview
Italian design German engineering technology improved American charging circuit technology Japanese modified plastic parts independent floating rotary cutter head, rapid fitting surface shave 7 waterproof structure, easy to achieve body wash and charge LED display, universal (100-240V) power adapter 

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