Pill Pro Weekly Pill and Capsu...

1,200.00 899.00

  • Organizes pills & vitamins by day and time of day
  • Each tray is labeled for morning, afternoon, evening, & night
  • Each tray is removable – never leave your pills behind or carry bulky bottles again
  • Great for every member of the family!


The perfect item for your grandparents or anyone who needs to take medication.Never forget about taking your pills ever again!Introducing the Pill Pro, featuring 7 trays for all days throughout the week, each with four labelled compartments to coordinate pills and vitamins by specific times of day.Never miss a dosage, every pill has its place for the entire week!
How to Use:
When you pull the day’s tray out of the bottom of the Pill Pro, the next tray slides down into place! Simply refill Pill Pro by removing the top.

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