Riddex Pest Repelling Aid (Use...

1,200.00 599.00

  • Eliminates rodents, roaches, spiders & mosquitoes
  • Plug in to any socket outlet
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Non toxic
  • No chemicals or use of poison


(Turn Home Wires into Pest Repellent Force Field)

Repels rodents, ants, spiders, cockroaches, bedbugs, etc. A simple and powerful ultrasonic device. Not harmful to humans and pets. Connects to an electrical socket. Built in night light. Electronic device for pest control and other pests. The Riddex Plus protects the house by creating a powerful force field that repels rodents and unwanted insects. Simply plug the device into an electrical outlet to get rid of mice, ants, spiders and other cockroaches. The 220-volt device emits ultrasounds only perceived by these small animals and the zone becomes impracticable. Thanks to this ingenious method, no chemicals are needed, no traps need to be cleaned and the system can be left on without any worries for the children, the dogs, the cats, the birds and other domestic animals. An integrated night light also guides the night owls.

A very helpful and a necessary to have device. It helps you get rid of all the insects and flies. Have it and make your life easy and comfortable.
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