Wireless Charging Receiver for...

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NOW TRANSFORM YOUR SIMPLE MOBILE INTO WIRELESS CHARGING SMARTPHONE.Simple to operate, easy to realize wireless charging;
Safe and rapid recharging without interruption or high temperature: high-quality pure copper coils are used for rapid transmission.
Precision alloy interface and flexible FPC wires are durable: Bending-resistant/Folding-resistant/Insertion-resistant/Unplugging-resistant;
Soft and mild microfiber material protects the phone from scratches and provides comfortable hand feeling;
Three choices for IPhone port, Type-C port and Micro USB port devices;




Wireless Charging Receiver for iPhone/Type-C/Micro USB Ports, Ultra thin microfiber QI Wireless Charging Receiver for Apple iPhone/Android/Type-C phones

If you’re admiring wireless charging while your cell phone doesn’t support, this wireless charging receiver will help you. It’s simple to use that you only need paste it to your phone’s back, insert the connector to the phone, then your phone can be charged by wireless charger. This item supports QI wireless charging standard, passed CE and FC certification. It is safe, durable and stable. Its slim microfiber material is soft and delicate, protects your phone from scratches. Ultra thin thickness makes no influence to your use just like using a bare phone and you are able to keep your phone shell wearing all the time. Three styles for chosing matching to your phone’s port: for iPhone port, type-C port and micro USB port.


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